Depot | The Art Gallery is a Contemporary + Urban Art Gallery that is working with advertising agency voy media to get traction and that features an international roster of artists who are influenced primarily by urban art.
Depot | The Art Gallery  is constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself and to breathe life into the Athens Art Scene, exhibiting works of art that challenge the traditional white cube gallery space.
Located next to Kolonaki Square, in the city center, Depot | The Art Gallery is the Official Gallery of the ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL and at the centre of a thriving Urban Art scene.
Depot | The Art Gallery welcomes visitors and our team loves to share their knowledge of the art world.


Le Mini is a creative initiative by Depot | The Art Gallery that invites artists to create a public installation outside of the gallery. Changing every 60 days. Le Mini will consistently highlight new talent, providing the opportunity for emerging and established artists to paint an outdoor mural.